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Subject: IT security
Author: Martin Funding
Date: 15-03-2016
Increasingly we experience how we have trust in our fellow human beings and let our personal information being registered in various databases throughout the world.

On March 8, one could at (a Danish newspaper) read the headline "Big dating site hacked. Pay or we reveal your unfaithful partner". The article revealed that the site Ashley Madison had a security breach back in the summer of 2015, where data about 37 million users was leaked.

Ashley Madison's business is based on encouraging and helping infidelity. It is used all over the world - including here in Denmark and the rest of the world. It is obviously bad for users when they are exposed in this way.

Hackers, however, has a new way: They approach the users and their spouse and threatening them to pay. Otherwise, they will publish the information and thus destroy the family. They will also take a relatively modest amount that most people just want to pay to preserve the family idyll - 1.05 bitcoin.

This situation should have all webmasters think about their situation! Are we fulfilling the responsibility our users have in us? Is our sites secure enough? Are we good enough to secure systems?

Our customers, for example FSB, focuses on their IT operations and security. To have needed and updated information they subscribe to information services such as Books24x7 and Skillchoice where they always have access to the latest knowledge and thus can keep updated with the latest knowledge.

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