About 2masterIT

Martin Funding has since 2002 been working with e-Guides and online learning. In September 2012, this was formalized in 2masterIT.

The concept is based on organizations / society´s increasing demand for skills. Our extensive and daily updated search service is intended for you as a professional. We offer courses and certifications of high quality. Our literature is offered as a subscription-based online directory that gives you access to thousands of complete and unabridged books, documents, videos and other things around the clock 7 days a week.

With training from 2masterIT you´re never left alone. 24 hours a day, 365 ¼ days a year, there is online access to thousands of online training resources. You can always clarify a question or move forward in a concrete problem. We are active throughout the Nordic region and BeNeLux. 2masterIT has, among others, entered into a strategic partnership with Skillsoft that repeated times has received several awards for best content. Skillsoft is the world´s largest producer of standardized online courses and books.

2MasterIT´s mission is - under the motto: "Don´t be stressed - be one of the best" - to be a leader in virtual training and problem solving.

2masterIT will be known as the company that helps here and now, when you have an IT problem.
  • High professionalism
  • Professionalism
  • Quick access
  • Value creation for the individual
Values and Strategy
Our strategy is to continuously ensure professional knowledge at a high level, thus ensuring that you only need to look on place on the web.

2masterIT emphasizes high quality in everything we do and offer. Our key words:
  • Fridom:
    Be able to solve an challenge here and now as well as the ability to plan courses that meet your needs and desires
  • Flexibility:
    Move forward, here and now, without waiting for an external course
  • Stability:
    Always available when you need it
  • Personalized:
    Focuses on necessary issues and, if needed take courses again and again before taking the final exam
  • Service:
    Quick answers from experts
  • Efficiency:
    Save time troubleshooting, specific training in relevant disciplines
  • Quality:
    Always updated theories and publications
"With Books24x7 I do not need to lug books back and forth, or wait for someone else finish the book that I need."
Keith Jacobsen
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