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Fast and reliable IT support in everyday work.

What Books24x7 Desktop??
Books24x7 Desktop is "first line" IT user support.

Millions of users worldwide use Books24x7 Desktop to find answers to questions about the IT applications they are working with.

Books24x7 Desktop is a digital library containing digital versions of original subject matter book titles. With more than 1,250 subject matter book titles from 61 publishers, Books24x7 Desktop provides correct and appropriate response and ensure that you can get on with your work.
Some of the topics covered by Books24x7 Desktop:
  • Business Applications
  • General Computing
  • Google
  • Graphics & Design
  • Handheld Devices
  • IBM Notes
  • Internet & Web
  • Mobile Devices and Computer Skills
  • Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Office XP, 97 and 2000
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office for Mac 2011
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Microsoft Office 365
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Get started now!
Get 12 months online access to Books24x7 Desktop including access to more than 1,250 books from 61 leading publishers.

only € 130,- (excl. VAT)
(€ 163,- incl. danish VAT)

The price is per user and covers 12 months unlimited access. If you order 36 months of access, you get 33% discount on the total price.

Amount  /
Price variants (price per licens)
12 months
   1 ⇒ 2 users   130,-   € excl. VAT
   3 ⇒ 4 users   127,-   € excl. VAT
   5 ⇒ 9 users   125,-   € excl. VAT
   10 ⇒ 14 users   122,-   € excl. VAT
   15 ⇒ 19 users   120,-   € excl. VAT
   20 ⇒ x brugere    
36 months
   1 ⇒ 2 users   260,-   € excl. VAT
   3 ⇒ 4 users   255,-   € excl. VAT
   5 ⇒ 9 users   250,-   € excl. VAT
   10 ⇒ 14 users   244,-   € excl. VAT
   15 ⇒ 19 users   239,-   € excl. VAT
   20 ⇒ x brugere    


Full and adequate answers

Spread over the different areas Books24x7 Desktop contains more than 1,000 book titles together with more than 4,200 video spots. This secures that you always get answers to the questions you have in your daily work.

Always up to date

Books24x7 is automatically updated with the latest titles. Because of this the latest knowledge is included in the search results. New titles are often available in Books24x7 before you can find them on the shelves of our book supplier.

Quick answer from experts

All content is produced by professionals. Unlike regular web searches with many false and misleading information, you will get professional and complete answers to your questions.

Full content available

In Books24x7 all the content are reproduced. You have access to text, code lists, illustrations and much more. If a CD is included with the original book, the content of this is also available in Books24x7.
"The information and inspiration I get from Books24x7, have a significantly higher quality than what is found with general web searches."
Henrik Dalhof Jensen
Removes the burden from Helpdesk!!
An added advantage of Books24x7 Desktop is that the central HelpDesk are relieved. Users are self-reliant at all times of the day and does not have to contact user support.
Mobile enabled!!
Books24x7 Desktop is also available on your mobile or tablet. This guaranty you support access, whether you are sitting in the office, at a customer or at your home office.
Any questions ??

We are ready to help !!
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