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Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing.

Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing
Boost your career by learning how to create, manage and implement advanced Search Marketing strategies with AdWords, PPC, Display and ReMarketing techniques.

Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing is an online training provided by some of the industry's leading Search Marketing experts. The detailed and structured modules teach you the various elements within the search campaign planning, establishment and measurement. It all ends with an accredited certification documenting your new knowledge.

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What do you learn?
In this module, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of Search Marketing. Moreover, you see how the basic elements like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and Analytics work together to create a targeted and highly converting traffic.
SEO setup
Here you learn to use a variety of SEO planning, bench-markings and measuring instruments. Everything from the use of meta tags and keywords to make use of sitemaps, indexing site content and building links.
SEO Content
This module gives you an understanding of the importance of Content Marketing and how it relates to the on-page optimization. It points the way to the use of tags, relevant imagery, optimized URLs, page speed and more.
SEO Workshop
Here are reviewed how a detailed audit of a website are implemented. An audit will assess the effect of both on-site and off-site optimization techniques and how your strategy can be refined to achieve greater SEO success.
PPC Advertising: Search
This module gives you an understanding of the structure of AdWords, how to create and manage campaigns, allocate budget and determines which ads are creating the optimal conversions and traffic.
PPC Advertising: Display
This module explains how to optimize ad groups that use specific keywords and test multiple ad formats - all with the view to establish effective ad groups. It also shows you how you can create custom reports to analyze and further refine campaigns.
PPC Advertising: Video
In this module, you will be familiar with the different steps of video advertising - from planning to implementation and measurement. You will be able to refine and optimize your video campaigns throughout the process.
Analytics: Setup
The module shows how to measure, monitor and optimize digital marketing campaigns. It looks at how you can set up different accounts and goals, understand the tracking codes and implement measurements.
Analytics: Usages
The module shows how to analyze different AdWords campaigns performance, understand conversion analysis and use campaign properties and tagging. You will also build up knowledge about the measurement of the results achieved and user’s engagement.
Strategy & Planning
This module shows how all the areas of the Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing can be combined into one whole. This module gives you the necessary knowledge to prepare - and successfully complete - the "Search Marketing" strategy.
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Study Time: 30 hrs
Assessment: 3 hr Multiple Choice Exam
Resources: Video lectures, Slides, Practical Exercises
Delivery: Online
Language: English.

only € 2.350,- (excl. VAT)
(€ 2.938,- incl. danish VAT)

The price is per user and covers 6 months unlimited access.

Amount  /6 months
Price variants (price per licens)
6 months
   1 ⇒ 4 users   2.350,-   € excl. VAT
   5 ⇒ 9 users   1.880,-   € excl. VAT
   10 ⇒ 49 users   1.763,-   € excl. VAT
   50 ⇒ 99 users   1.645,-   € excl. VAT
   100 ⇒ 99999 users   1.528,-   € excl. VAT
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Global standard

The material is being used in more than 70 countries around the world - it has formed the basis for the training of more candidates than any other certification body.

Flexible study form

Whether you study from home or with a tablet on the way to work, you have access 24 hours a day to video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, quizzes and a helping study. You will never be late for lessons.

Internationally recognized

Diploma in Digital Marketing is the global certification standard in Digital Marketing. The program has trained more candidates than any other certification body within digital marketing.

Designed by experts

The diploma program is based on the world´s leading experts in digital brands and agencies. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have participated in the development of this course that will develop your digital career.
"I have had access to 2masterIT over the last several years. I am using it daily for problem solving. The information and inspiration I get, have a significantly higher quality than what is found with general web searches."
Henrik Dalhof Jensen
Questions and answers.
Is a marketing background needed?
Anyone can take a Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing. A background in the field is not needed - the goal of this Specialist Diploma is to give you the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about "Search Marketing"; and to kick-start a new and exciting career.

It may be you are self-employed, you might want to raise your current skills about online marketing, or you may be looking for a new career. The only prerequisite is that you have interest in digital marketing.
Who should take this course?
Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing is targeted you, who are responsible for planning, execution and control of the Search Marketing. Search Marketing specialists, search advertising and optimization controllers or anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of digital marketing will benefit from this course. Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing covers all levels of skills and is designed to increase your skills on Search Marketing.
Is the certification recognized?
Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification authority for our Digital Marketing education. The abilities are world class - the course is offered in over 80 countries and is recognized by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. This allows you to take your Digital Marketing Institute qualification with you wherever your exciting career can lead you.
How will I be assessed?
Upon completion of the Specialist Diploma in Search Marketing, you can conduct a three-hour exam. This is performed as a computer-based test in one of Pearson VUE's global network of test centers. The exam consists of a series of interactive questions, including Multiple Choice, True/False and Hotspots.

The fee for the exam is included in the price. In case you do not pass the exam and have to take it again, there will be a fee of around € 60, to be paid directly to Pearson, when you book your re-examination.
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