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Postgraduate Diploma.

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
Boost your career by learning how to create, manage and implement advanced Search Marketing strategies with AdWords, PPC, Display and ReMarketing techniques.

With a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing you get an online training program that provides you with a higher ROMI and looks good on your personal resume. You get a deep insight into digital marketing, and become able to plan, launch and profit from digital marketing campaigns.

Postgraduate Diploma is perfect for both digital and traditional marketers looking to lift their skills with a globally recognized certification. This practically oriented course is delivered by highly respected digital marketing experts based on the latest tools, trends and practical insight in the industry.

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What do you learn?
Search Marketing
Search Marketing is still one of the most important digital disciplines - over 90% of web users rely on search engines to find what they seek. The Search Marketing track gives you all the skills you need to build effective Search Marketing campaigns.

On this track, you will get a deep knowledge of all the different search fields ranging from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Analytics.

The Search Marketing track consists of 10 modules.
Social Media Marketing
Social networking has grown to become one of the primary communication channels on the Internet. Discussions about your brand and area of expertise will continuously take place online, with or without your participation. On this track, you learn to be a part of these discussions, how to positively affect your brand and how to increase your business on social media.

Through the "Social Media Marketing" track you will get an invaluable understanding of how to monitor, analyze, manage, evaluate and balance both your budget and your time spend on social media.

The Social Media Marketing track consists of 10 modules.
Communications & Consumer
This track shows you how to implement a well-considered plan when selecting and developing the best digital strategies. You learn to cope with the complex planning and you will also be familiar with the strategic management and reporting.

The Communications & Consumer track consists of 6 modules.
Mobile Marketing
In the evolution of digital marketing, the most important step was the swift from "Internet at desktops" to "Internet everywhere". Mobile Marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines within digital marketing; the world's leading digital brands design and optimize now primarily for mobiles and secondarily for desktops. The Mobile Marketing track helps you build a variety of skills needed to position you as a specialist in Mobile Marketing - and, to exploit the strengths and opportunities associated with being a specialist within Mobile Marketing.

However, most importantly the track gives you the skills to engage and trade with your audience using Mobile Marketing in a relevant and meaningful matter.

The Mobile Marketing track consists of 4 modules.
Ecommerce & Email
The Ecommerce & Email track includes topics like "Digital Display Advertising", “e-commerce”, “e-mail marketing” and “user-focused web design”.

The Ecommerce & Email track consists of 4 modules.
Digital Strategy & Planning
It is expected that most marketers know how to develop both digital and traditional marketing strategies. However, there is a crucial difference between these two. This track regarding Digital Strategy & Planning gives you the knowledge you need to effectively plan, budget and resource planning comprehensive digital marketing campaigns.

Everything from budgeting, building team and do analytics, to reputation management and social customer service will be covered on this track; you will gain the knowledge you need to develop comprehensive and effective digital strategies for marketing.

The Digital Strategy & Planning track consists of 5 modules.
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Study Time: 32 weeks
Assessment: 2 papers of each 5,000 words
Resources: Video lectures, Slides, Practical Exercises.

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The price is per user and covers 6 months unlimited access.

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Global standard

The material is being used in more than 70 countries around the world - it has formed the basis for the training of more candidates than any other certification body.

Flexible study form

Whether you study from home or with a tablet on the way to work, you have access 24 hours a day to video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, quizzes and a helping study. You will never be late for lessons.

Internationally recognized

Diploma in Digital Marketing is the global certification standard in Digital Marketing. The program has trained more candidates than any other certification body within digital marketing.

Designed by experts

The diploma program is based on the world´s leading experts in digital brands and agencies. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have participated in the development of this course that will develop your digital career.
"I had previously worked with 2masterIT, which I find as a great everyday tool. It was important to me to continue this access when I started working for a new company."
Keith Jacobsen
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Who can apply?
Marketers who want to add the online aspect to their marketing skills and/or get the most out of their digital marketing channels.
Other candidates who want to retrain or upgrade their skills in an industry that is thirsting for qualified candidates.
Sales Managers who want to learn how to successfully use Digital Marketing for lead generation.
Self-employed and business owners who want to find out what online marketing can do for their business and how to implement a digital marketing strategy.
Directors who want to make informed strategic decisions about digital marketing.
Is a marketing background needed?
It is not necessary to have a marketing background. Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing focuses on the commercial aspect of online marketing.
How do I become assessed?
By the end of the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing you shall hand in 2 papers of each 5,000 words - A Digital Marketing Research thesis and one about Digital Marketing Strategy. Note that a part of your Digital Marketing Research thesis must be done with external assistance - in the form of surveys, focus groups, interviews or other.

These tasks are designed to allow you to make meaningful and relevant digital marketing projects focusing on your own career or business.
Admission requirements
You need to have at least a bachelor's in business, commerce or marketing and at least 2 years’ relevant work experience or significant and relevant work experience (minimum 2 years)

All candidates must demonstrate an interest in and aptitude for digital marketing – an admission interview can be conducted. If English is not your native language, you must have a minimum IELTS level of 6.0 or equivalent.
Is the certification recognized?
Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification body for our Digital Marketing education. The qualifications are world class - the course is offered in over 80 countries and is recognized by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. This allows you to take your Digital Marketing Institute qualification with you wherever your exciting career will lead you.
How can I apply?
All applicants must complete the application form along with a description of their educational background. The description must include documentation from your university, outlining your academic background, fields of study, results obtained and the date of the exam. This can be obtained from your university if you do not have a copy.

All applications including documentation will be reviewed by our admission committee before being offered admission. Note that if you sign up through our website, your registration is only confirmed once your application has been approved.
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