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Masters Graduate in Digital Marketing
When you take a Masters graduate in Digital Marketing, you become part of an exclusive network of highly recognized specialists. Further you gain the highest certification in digital marketing. The program is delivered as an online course.

After completing the training Masters Graduate candidates are typically employed at managing or executive level. They have acquired the expertise to plan, implement and manage a successful and sustainable digital marketing strategy. In addition, they conducted a research that target their own professional field. Masters Graduate in Digital Marketing is a training program to Masters level - facilitated by Digital Marketing Institute.

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What do you learn?
The specialist knowledge you build will place you among the top digital marketers in the industry. Phase I of the Masters Graduate consists of 150 hours of dedicated specialist content.
Communications & Consumer
This track examines how you implement a deliberate process of selecting and developing the best digital strategies. You learn to cope with the complex planning and you become familiar with the concept of strategic management and reporting.

The "Communications & Consumer" track consists of 10 modules.
Search Marketing
This track shows how to implement thorough search marketing campaigns that converts and generates sales. Through the Search Marketing track you will build skills for all search disciplines from "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" to "Pay-Per-Click (PPC)" advertising and use of Analytics.

The "Search Marketing" track consists of 10 modules.
Social Media Marketing
This module shows you how you can participate in social dialogue, how to effectively build trust in your brand and how you can grow your business through Social Media Marketing. You learn how to effectively monitor, analyze and manage your marketing on social media, and become successful with your campaigns.

The "Social Media Marketing" track consists of 10 modules.
Mobile Marketing
This track provides a clear insight into the potential of Mobile Marketing, from segmentation of target groups to campaign planning and optimization. Achieving the full benefits of advertising across the mobile commerce platform, optimize audiences and get maximized conversions.

The ”Mobile Marketing” track consists of 4 modules.
Digital Strategy & Planning
The track "Digital Strategy & Planning" gives you a deep understanding of digital strategy and planning and the opportunities offered alongside traditional communication channels. You learn to develop a robust digital marketing strategy to implement in your organization - a strategy you with serenity can present to the Executive Board for approval.

The ”Digital Strategy & Planning” track consists of 5 modules.
Ecommerce & E-mail
The track "Ecommerce & E-mail" delves into other topics in digital marketing - including the "Display", "E-mail", e-commerce and user-optimized design. The track gives you the needed knowledge to plan, budget and resource optimization results-oriented campaigns across digital marketing.

The ”Ecommerce & E-mail” track consists of 4 modules.
Marketing & Services
Through the Marketing & Services Management module, you will build the skills needed for planning, organizing, establishing and managing a strategic marketing department within national and international organizations.
Digital Innovation
Here you develop an innovative and future-oriented approach. You build an in-depth understanding of digital business concepts, disruptive and innovative technologies and how to successfully analyze and present data. The Digital Innovation module allows you to utilize new digital concepts for implementation in your work and awareness of the best practices around new trends.
Business Innovation
The second phase of the master's program, developed in collaboration with the University of Salford, focuses on the development of your business development. You will be able to explore and explore your chosen focus area, thereby refining your analytical capabilities.
Thesis Development
Phase II of the Masters Graduate contains a series of online webinars that focus primarily on writing and submitting your thesis. You have the opportunity to delve deeper into the areas that you find most exciting and combine the knowledge you have accumulated throughout the process.
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Study Time: part time, 2 years
Assessment: 2 papers of each 5,000 words and thesis
Resources: Video lectures, Slides, Practical Exercises.

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The price is per user and covers 6 months unlimited access.

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Global standard

The material is being used in more than 70 countries around the world - it has formed the basis for the training of more candidates than any other certification body.

Flexible study form

Whether you study from home or with a tablet on the way to work, you have access 24 hours a day to video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, quizzes and a helping study. You will never be late for lessons.

Internationally recognized

Diploma in Digital Marketing is the global certification standard in Digital Marketing. The program has trained more candidates than any other certification body within digital marketing.

Designed by experts

The diploma program is based on the world´s leading experts in digital brands and agencies. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have participated in the development of this course that will develop your digital career.
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Question & answers
Admission Requirements
To apply for MSc Digital Marketing, you must meet the minimum requirements:

Minimum Bachelor Degree in Business / Commerce / Marketing plus at least 1 year of Digital Marketing experience.
Minimum Bachelor degree in any discipline plus at least 2 years of digital marketing experience.

If an applicant fails to meet the normal admission requirements, they can still be considered if they can demonstrate a significant digital work experience of at least 4 years and an acceptable level of responsibility.

If English is not your native language, you may be asked to document a minimum IELTS level of 6.0 or equivalent.

Please note that this is minimum requirement and is not an automatic admission to this master program. Admission is after selection from the Digital Marketing Institute.
Is my career improved?
Masters Graduate in Digital Marketing will help you to:

- Be placed among the best digital marketers in the industry.
- Become a pioneer in your field within digital marketing.
- Develop your career in digital marketing.
- Improve your skills in marketing and campaign planning.
- Build and nurture your customer base.
- Distinguish you from your competitors.
- Give you a significant competitive advantage.
How do I apply?
All applicants must complete the application form along with a description of their educational background. The description must include documentation from your university, outlining your academic background, fields of study, results obtained and the date of the exam. This can be obtained from your university if you do not have a copy.

All applications including documentation is reviewed by our admission committee before admission is offered. Note, that if you have sign up through our website, your registration is only confirmed once your application has been approved.
How do I become certified?
The entire certification is carried out individually. The teaching phase consists of six assignments.

The first two will be based on an organization you choose. Here, you will investigate the organization's customers and then develop a digital marketing strategy for that organization. These are both 5,000 words tasks and the others are approx. 3,000 words each and may include tasks such as research, creation of blog post etc.

The final certification is the Business Innovation Project, developed in collaboration with the University of Salford. This allows you to investigate and explore your chosen digital focus area and refine your analytical capabilities.
How long is the education?
The duration of the master's program is flexible and are typically conducted over 2 years, as a part-time study. The teaching phase is approximately 14 months and the research phase are about 10 months. It is possible to take short breaks between the different modules and steps. You can complete this master’s degree at the pace that suits you best.
Is there mentor access?
Through the writing of your thesis on phase II, you have access to personal guidance and support from the group of mentors. The mentors are all specialists in digital marketing, and have different professional backgrounds.
What is required of the thesis?
Masters Graduate thesis is a scientific dissertation of 15,000 words. The thesis will be written under the supervision of academic and industry specific- supervisors. In the thesis, you present a subject area and document this in detail with primary and/or secondary sources.

The thesis will have a significant research impact and focus on an area that falls within a particular topic in digital marketing. As a central element of the Masters program, the thesis will give you the opportunity to hone and demonstrate your expertise in a specialized field of digital marketing.
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