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Targeted online IT training with award-winning content.

IT Operations Center
IT Operations Center gives you access to knowledge within: Server platforms, networks, security, databases and ERP systems. The package includes many hours of training, utilities, guides, certification programs and, not least, online editions of a large number of IT professional books.
IT Development Center
IT Development Center gives you access to knowledge within: Development tools, algorithms, databases, mobile platform, validation, best practice and much more. The package includes many hours of training, along with help tools, guides, certification programs and, not least, online editions of a large number of IT professional books.
Cloud & Virtualization Collection
Cloud & Virtualization Collection focuses on the many possibilities available within cloud and virtualization - but also the aspect of security around this and what best practices describe. Do you get the full ROI from your IT infrastructure?
Courses: 220
Books: 306
Videos: 5.918
Cybersecurity Collection
Cybersecurity Collection is focusing on securing your network and countering the ever-increasing threat of cybercriminals. With books, courses and video spots, you'll be trained online for security accreditation, auditing and more.
Courses: 181
Books: 619
Videos: 3.585
Database & Big Data Collection
Database & Big Data Collection describes how we can take advantage of the huge amounts of data we work with. You learn how to structure, link and utilize data to build well-founded decision-making basis and uncover new opportunities.
Courses: 255
Books: 851
Videos: 5.514
Developer Collection
As a developer, it is necessary to stay ahead of the latest methods and techniques. With Developer Collection you can increase your skills, develop better and more robust systems and be better prepared for future tasks.
Courses: 506
Books: 2.706
Videos: 12.095
Networking Collection
Networking Collection takes you through the various aspects of your IT network. How should it be structured how to optimize speed, security, flexibility and more.
Courses: 319
Books: 657
Videos: 7.340
SysAdmin & DevOps Collection
SysAdmin & DevOps helps to merge development and operational functions, thus building a more robust and agile approach to future IT systems. With SysAdmin & DevOps collection you get the knowledge and skills to exploit this.
Courses: 392
Books: 992
Videos: 6.712
IT prof, all inclusive
Skillchoice ITpro provides access to more than 2,300 courses. In addition, Skillchoice ITpro also consists of an extensive library of over 16,000 IT book titles - all titles are fully searchable. Skillchoice ITpro also includes more than 100 certification programs.


You decide

A course is divided into several modules - you decide in which order you take the modules. Some modules contain small video films with scenarios and cases. Each course can be started and ended with a test. Thus, you can easily see your development and understanding of the substance.

Easy access

All our courses are delivered with an online access for 12 or 36 months. Each course contains many modules (ex. videos, instructions, books, mentor access, etc.) which you have access to throughout the full period. Mobile access is supported with apps for both iOS and Android. You can be trained in your sofa via your tablet or smartphone.

Learn when you want

You decide when to receive training - you can pause when needed. The system automatically keeps track on how far you have reached, so you can continue where you paused.

Always updated

The always updated tools and resources are carefully selected by experts and are presented in a user-friendly environment, that gives you instant access to a diverse educational content.
"I consider Books24x7 as a more accurate source of facts than a search on the net. You get a quick overview of whether it is interesting to look at or not. I can even sort the courses and jump in and design my own education!"
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