Adapted course moduls

Course modules 100% adapted to your systems and processes.

Better education gives great benefit
It is often a difficult process to arrange courses in internal systems and processes –a standard course is not available, and the internal demand is not always big enough. In this case develop one or more online modules covering the course is a good investment.

The advantage of online modules is that they can be used again and again at exactly the needed time and place. At the same time, they are 100% tailored to your messages and systems, hence your employees can relate to the content and make great use of it.
Defined development process
At 2masterIT we develop course modules after a fixed framework. We combine this with the huge experiences and the big knowledge we have gained through many years of working with online training. We will achieve the expected result within the agreed timeframe and in the agreed quality.
No limitation in usage
We develop the modules specifically for you and in your design. The modules consist of your messages and you have the full right to use them. The modules can be accessed by all your employees as often as they desire.
Contact us and describe your learning needs. We will then set up a proposal that you can use for your decision making.


Easy integration

The standard of the online modules allows them to be integrated into your own LMS or other of your central systems.

Part of the team

We have good experiences with combining online modules with instructor lead training. With this combination, time away from the workplace can be minimized.

Always available

With an online module, you do not have to wait for a course or seminar to be held. It is always ready. Your employees therefore get the information they need - when they need it.

One-time investment

Development of an online module is a onetime investment. Once the online module has been completed and approved, the module can be accessed repeatedly, free of charge. This makes it a very good investment to develop online modules.
"I am using education from 2masterIT to gain just the skills I need to solve current problems. "
Keith Jacobsen
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