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What is Books24x7 Academic??
Books24x7 Academic is an extensive collection that gives full access to the complete and unabridged content of more than 32,000 online books, 46,000 videos and hundreds of executive summaries in a fully searchable database.

The collections are automatically updated with new releases. The built-in features make the system very flexible and user-friendly.

Books24x7 Academic Site License is offered libraries and academic institutions and provides full and simultaneous access for all students and employees.

All titles in Books24x7 Academic are supported by MARC records – hence you can integrate with your current search system.
Resourceful content.
Books24x7 Academic is divided into several individual collections and covers, among other things, these topics:

Books24x7 Academic ITPro contains 14,402 titles from 214 publishers.

- Business Skills for IT Professionals
- Certification and Compliance
- Cloud Computing and Virtualization
- Computer Science
- Data and Databases
- Desktop and Office Applications
- Enterprise Resource Planning
- Hardware
- IBM and Oracle Technologies
- IT Project Management
- Networks and Protocols
- Operating Systems and Servers
- Security
- Software Design and Development
- Web Development and Graphic Design
Books24x7 Academic BusinessPro contains 10,998 titles from 266 publishers.

- Business Analysis
- Business Skills
- Corporate Case Studies & Interviews
- Employee Training & Development
- Finance & Accounting
- Hospitality & Tourism
- Human Resources
- International Business
- Management & Leadership
- Marketing & Sales
- Project Management
- Quality & Manufacturing Management
- Social Media
- Sustainability
- Team Skills
- Technology in Business
Books24x7 Academic EngineeringPro contains 4,431 titles from 96 publishers.

- Aerospace
- Automotive
- Bioengineering
- Chemical Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Computer Tools
- Electrical & Electronic Engineering
- Engineering General
- Environmental Engineering
- Food & Colour Chemistry
- Industrial; Manufacturing & Operational Systems
- Marine Engineering
- Materials Science
- Mathematics
- Mechanical Engineering
- Nanotechnology
- Nuclear Engineering
- Optical Engineering
- Petroleum; Mining & Geological
- Physics
- Safety & Health
- Software Engineering
- Sustainability
- Systems Engineering
- Telecommunications
Books24x7 Academic FinancePro contains 1,846 titles from 84 publishers.

- Accounting
- Alliances; Partnerships and Joint Ventures
- Auditing
- Certification Prep
- Consolidation & Mergers
- Credit & Loans
- Economic Influences
- Ethics
- General References
- Government & Non-Profit
- Insurance
- International Issues
- Investing
- Operations Management
- Planning & Budgeting
- Real Estate
- Risk Management
- Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
- Selling Financial Services
- Taxation & Valuation
- Technology
- Venture Capital
Books24x7 Academic OfficeEssentials contains 1,154 titles from 58 publishers.

- Business Applications
- General Computing
- Google
- Graphics & Design
- Handheld Devices
- IBM Notes
- Internet & Web
- Mobile Devices and Computer Skills
- Operating Systems
- Microsoft Office XP, 97 and 2000
- Microsoft Office 2003
- Microsoft Office 2007
- Microsoft Office 2010
- Microsoft Office for Mac 2011
- Microsoft Office 2013
- Microsoft Office 2016
- Microsoft Office 365
Trial access.
We are happy to provide free of charge trial access for Libraries/academic institutions for a period of 30 days.

Required information to set up the trials:

  • EZproxy URL for institution.
  • Collections to include in the trial.
  • Target start date of trial.
  • Technical contact.
  • Library contact.
Aalborg University Library
The University Library in Aalborg uses Books24x7 Academic. Read the background and the benefits.

Licensing Model.
Books24x7 Academic for Libraries / Academic Institutions are licensed based on Full Time Equivalent (FTE).

Books24x7 Academic is offered as a site license, providing simultaneous access to all university students and employees. They log in via their university account and access the Skillsoft titles.

These models are only available to libraries and academic institutions.
The digital library
We have researched the value of digital resources in the library. Read the conclusion in our Whitepaper: A Modern Modality for Modern Learners.

Full MARC support!!
All titles in our collections are supporting the MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) standard, making it easy to create integration between your search system and Books24x7 Academic. The MARC standard ensures that all the bibliographic data from Books24x7 Academic becomes available in your search systems.
Access through EZproxy
We integrate through EZproxy, to ensuring a flexible access. EZproxy is a middleware application that gives users remote access. In practice, it is a server between the users and the central databases. Your users connect to EZproxy, which on their behalf creates access to the databases, retrieves the desired content and sends it back to users. As EZproxy runs on the library server (and thus IP address), it is also possible to access the databases easily and anonymously outside the library area.
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology uses Books24x7 Academic. Read the background and the benefits.

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Books online

With Books24x7 you can do free text searches covering all the e-books in the library. You can fast and easy find precisely the books that provides the solution to the exact problem you are facing.

Complete library

Books24x7 is an online book website, providing you access to a world of knowledge and answers for all the related questions you are facing. Through Books24x7 you have access to thousands of e-books online.

Always updated knowledge

Books24x7 books online is constantly being expanded with new e-books. You will always have the latest knowledge when searching. Often, the various books are available in Books24x7 before you can find them on the shelves at your favorite book supplier.

Optimize your time

Business Week concluded in a study that professionals spend up to 12 hours a week on information research. The award-winning search function along with the reliable sources save time when using Books24x7 compared to traditional Internet searches.
"I consider Books24x7 as a more accurate source of facts than a search on the net. You get a quick overview of whether it is interesting to look at or not. I can even sort the courses and jump in and design my own education!"
ACTONA Company A/S
Lars Zielke
IT Koordinator
Mälardalens University
Mälardalens University uses Books24x7 Academic. Read the background and the benefits.

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