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We focus 100% on online training and personal development. Our aim is to allow you to get answers from experts and access to the latest theory, wherever and whenever. Our clear vision is making valid knowledge and good praxis available 24 hours a day.

With training from 2masterIT you are never left to yourself. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you have online access for thousands of educational modules – where needed when needed.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn something - everyday.

IT courses

At 2masterIT we offer a variety of IT courses. These are all delivered as online courses - you have the flexibility to "go to school" when and where you want.

The packages are divers. Some are focused on a particular subject, others general and others covering a single certification track. Common for all is that they are developed by experts and are regularly updated.

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Our most popular products are e-books. E-books are basically digital versions of the standard subject matter textbooks. E-books are delivered in specialist collections. You gain access to a reference library containing the latest books.

The big advantage is the option of free text search. With a single search, you are presented with relevant book titles, which you can then read online.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an area that are going through heavy changes. There is increasingly focus on change from traditional marketing to digital - it requires a training effort to upgrade to the new disciplines.

We offer both basic as well as specialist courses. In the end, you can top it all with a master in digital marketing.

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Business certifications

We offer a large variety of certification courses in personal development. If you are looking for a certification track within HR, Six Sigma, Project Management, ITIL or business analysis you've come to the right place.

All courses are delivered online and developed by highly certified and experienced instructors.

Click here to see the list and get free trial access to a scenario.

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Leadership development

At 2masterIT we focus on your personal development. We offer an online series of course that develops your leadership skills on main 3 areas. In addition to your personal development, we are focusing on the development of both the team as your business.

The content is structured in short modules that develop the skills required for your success as a leader.

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IT certifications

Within IT certifications we are offering a wide range of courses. Whether you're looking for training in Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Oracle or any of the many other areas, we can provide many relevant choices.

Visit our list of IT certifications and see how we can help you advance in your career.

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Mentor access

With certification tracks from 2masterIT you are never on your own. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, highly certified online mentors are available. You can always clarify a question or get a concrete problem solved.

Personal training plan

In order to ensure the full benefit, you can plan your training in the personal training plan. The training plan will then alert you before planned deadlines and help you reach the finish
in time.
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