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Our comprehensive IT catalogue covers e-books as well as courses in a myriad of areas such as: Project management, Development, Testing, Operations, DevOps, Cloud, Security and much much more.

You get access to either a targeted package, a certification preparation track or an extensive library with multiple search options.

All delivered online and easily accessible.
Courses & e-books


We offer a comprehensive range of online courses in personal training and leadership development.

We cover areas such as: Personal Development, Leadership Development, Digital Transformation, Compliance and more.

All courses are based on the principles: Unsurpassed content, Unique design, Multimodal micro-learning and not least Flexibility.
Courses & e-books


Books Academic offers a large selection of online textbooks for both public and university libraries.

The books are easily integrated into your current library system and become searchable and accessible to all of your users - at the same time.

We ensure that the collections are updated in a timely, efficient and accessible manner.
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