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2masterIT focuses 100% on online education and personal development. Basically, we are providing expert answers and access to the latest theory and knowledge wherever and whenever you want. 2masterIT has the clear mission to make valid knowledge available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We have built up a comprehensive course catalog consisting of thousands of education modules. We have bundled these in a number of targeted packages, but you can also pick and choose the modules as you wish to build your very own packages.

With education from 2masterIT you are never left to yourself.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn something - everyday

- we offer solutions that are relevant regardless of age, seniority & level.

IT Courses
At 2masterIT we offer a variety of IT courses. These are all delivered as online courses – hence you have the flexibility to get educated whenever and wherever you want.

The packages are aiming differently. Some are focused on a subject area, others are general, and others again covers a single certification process. Common to all of them is that they have been developed by experts and are constantly updated.
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Our most popular products are e-books. The e-books are basically digital versions of the printed textbooks. The e-books are delivered in subject-specific collections, providing you with a specialist library containing the latest books.

The big advantage is the build-in free text search. With a single search, you will be presented with relevant book titles, which you can read online.
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Digital marketing
Digital marketing is an area that is subject to growth. There is a lot of focus on changing from traditional marketing to digital - it requires a big effort to upgrade to the new disciplines.

In this area we offer basic courses as well as specialist courses. Ultimately, you can top it all with a master’s in digital marketing.
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Business certifications
We offer a wide range of certification courses within personal development. If you are looking for a certification within HR, Six Sigma, Project Management, ITIL or business analysis, you have come to the right place.

All courses are delivered online and are developed by highly certified and experienced instructors.

View the list and get free trial access to a course.
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Leadership development
At 2masterIT, we focus on your personal development. We offer an online course that develops your leadership skills in 3 areas. In addition to your personal development, focus is also on developing both your team and your business.

The content is built in concise modules that develop the skills required to make you successful as a leader.
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IT certifications
In the field of IT certifications, we offer a very wide range of programs. Whether you are looking for training within Microsoft, VMware, Oracle or one of the many other areas, we have many relevant packages.

Visit our catalogue of IT certifications and see how it can help you developing your career.
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