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• What is Tech & Dev, Expert?

Tech & Dev, Expert is an online access to a wide range of teaching modules across a broad subject area. With Tech & Dev, Expert you can solve an acute technical problem, maintain / upgrade your skills or prepare for a certification.

Tech & Dev, Expert is dedicated to both the beginner and the experienced IT man. It covers the latest technologies, the most popular IT topics but also many previous platforms and applications.

It's all delivered online. You therefore do not have to wait for a planned course or seminar, but can get started when it suits you.

• What kind of content is included?

The collection contains many hours of online training, auxiliary tools, guides, certification courses, videos, courses, mentor access and not least online editions of a large number of recognized IT textbooks.

You have access to it all, but can pick exactly the items you need and thereby get the optimal benefit

• What does it cost ?

See the price structure and quantity discount futher down the page under "Get started now".

The amount is per user and covers full access without restrictions during the license period, after which the access expires.

No additional costs will be added to the price below and there will be no automatic extension.

• How do I access?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email with access informations, and then you are ready to go.

Tech & Dev, Expert

Comprehensive IT training and problem solving anywhere / any time

What is Tech & Dev, Expert?

Tech & Dev, Expert gives you online access to a wide range of training modules across a broad variety of subjects. The modules are based on: videos, courses, books, mentor access and much more. Using Tech & Dev, Expert, you can solve an acute technical problem, build or expand your IT skills or prepare yourself for one or more certifications.

Tech & Dev, Expert adapts to your learning needs - whether you are a beginner or an experienced IT manager. Tech & Dev, Expert covers the latest technologies, the most popular IT topics, as well as many earlier released platforms and applications.

All modules in Tech & Dev, Expert are developed in collaboration between highly qualified IT professionals and design specialists.

Tech & Dev, Expert offers the needed IT learning assets and solutions in a convenient and cost-effective library. Tech & Dev, Expert is an effective tool that supports your ongoing learning at work and on the road.

Among others Tech & Dev, Expert covers:

  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Programming
  • Data Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • DevOps
  • ITOps
  • CloudOps
  • Cyber Security
  • SW Project Management

Unlimited access

Tech & Dev, Expert include unlimited access to content. Content is accessible through these modalities.


Through questions, your proficiency is scored. Based on your results, Percipio displays content recommendations.


Scenario-based learning content powered by AI. Here you can practice new skills in a safe space.


Learn with expert-driven video-courses. Bringing insights from real-world gurus. All in a micro-learning environment for agile learning.


Free text search in thousands of IT books from the industry’s leading publishers. Original book fully accessible.

Test Preps

Help learners prepare for certification exams. Coverage for 100+ Certification exams.

Live Mentoring

Live chat or e-mail with highly certified mentors. Covering the industry's most popular professional certifications.


A virtual environment where you can learn, code, and validate in real time. Use the built-in environment to test your own codes.


Bootcamp is a combination of the best elements of traditional and online education, brought right to your desk or laptop over the Internet.


Celebrate, measure, and record accomplishments with digital badges. Shareable across social media platforms and secured through a blockchain.
Get started now!
Courses, Books, Certification Track and more - all in English.
Method: Courses, Books, Presentations, Exercises, Simulations, Virtual Labs.
Duration: 12 or 36 months unlimited online access.

only € 1.075,- (excl. VAT)
(€ 1.344,- incl. danish VAT)

The price is per user and covers 12 months unlimited access. If you order 36 months of access, you get 33% discount on the total price.

Aspire journeys

Accelerate skill development by building on current knowledge.

Role based training provides a clear path for employees to develop the career your organization needs.

Covering key career paths
  • Software development
  • Data Management
  • DevOps
  • CloudOps
  • Security
  • SW Project Management

IT certifications

We partner with most major certifying authorities and vendors and supports around 100 popular IT certifications. Our content aligns with the latest exams.

  • (ISC)2
  • Amazon
  • BCS Professional Certification
  • Cisco
  • CompTIA
  • EC Council
  • Google
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  • International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB)
  • ITIL
  • Juniper
  • Linux Professional Institute (LPI)
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Red Hat
  • SAS
Did you know that 92% of learners pass on the first try.

Award-winning platform

All content is delivered via the award-winning platform Percipio. Percipio offers a modern and intuitive platform, using AI to give users a unique learning experience.

Percipio can be set up with your branding and is available on both PC and mobile platform.

Available everywhere

Tech & Dev, Expert can be integrated into your existing LMS. Alternatively, access can be provided through 2masterIT's Percipio, which provides easy and fast access via web or apps for both iOS and Androide.

In our Percipio you can define your personal plan and organize your education. Percipio also supports an administrator function. Here you can track your employees and ensure that deadlines and the like are kept.
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"We have several users in the IT department who have had access to online training for the past years.

We have extended this access since we have planned a comprehensive training plan for the upcoming coming period."
Royal Arctic Line
Henrik Egede Hansen
"In addition to flexibility, I am pleased with the course offerings. I can always find valid knowledge and inspiration within the areas I need. In general it is a good and cost effective way to stay up to date."
Elfac A/S
Henrik Lynnerup
IT Manager
"Prior to the start, we studied the market closely, but our choice fell on 2masterIT as e-learning provides a cost-effective solution."
Advizor IT
Flemming Knudsen
Partner, Sales and Marketing

Always updated content

The content of Tech & Dev, Expert is constantly expanding, with new courses, videos, books and more. Once our experts have developed new content, this will automatically be added to the content you have access to. This ensures that you have access to the latest knowledge about future systems and technologies.
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