About 2masterIT

2masterIT was founded in 2012 by experienced people with more than 10 years of prior employment with e-guides and online training.

We offer a wide range of online courses and high-quality certifications, all on a subscription basis.

In addition, we promote the online Books24x7 solution, which consists of thousands of complete and unabridged textbooks, documents, videos and other related material. Books24x7 is also available in an academic version specially designed for higher education institutions and in a version designed for Public libraries.

. We are active throughout the Nordic, Germany and BeNeLux regions and have, among other things, entered into a strategic partnership with Skillsoft, who repeatedly has received recognition for best content. Skillsoft is the world´s largest provider of standardized online courses, e-books and instructional videos.

2masterIT´s mission is to be a leader within virtual education and problem solving.

2masterIT shall be known as the go to company that can help you here and now when you face a professional challenge.

Our strategy is to continuously ensure professional knowledge at a high level, hence you only need to search online one place to:

  • Get quick and valid answers from reputable experts.
  • Be able to solve a challenge here and now, through always updated material.
  • Attend courses that meet your needs and wishes without waiting for an external course.
  • Take a recognized certification with pre and post tests and, if necessary, repeat the course.
  • Constantly upgrading and updating your skills and prepare for future challenges.
"Books keyword search across thousands of books is a great help. When I have found a result in one or more books, these can be added to my own virtual bookshelf. Books can be accessed by PC, tablet and smartphone making the solution very flexible."
Keith Jacobsen
Information Architect
"The information and inspiration I get from Books, have a significantly higher quality than what is found with general web searches."
Henrik Dalhof Jensen
IT Operations Manager
"All I have to say at this point is that I am VERY happy with Books. It is a super tool for me. Many say that Google just can be used, but if you must have a coherent explanation, guidance, etc. Books is far better."
ACTONA Company A/S
Lars Zielke
IT Coordinator
  • Books24x7
  • Skillsoft
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