General Terms and Conditions of Sale concerning Sale of Subscriptions and Services

1. Scope of Applicability
1.1. These General Terms and Condition of Sale for subscriptions apply to all sales between 2masterIT and the customer for delivery of online services such as courses, electronic books and other resources. 2masterIT reserve the right that the content, services, programs and operating hours may at any time be extended, limited, modified or otherwise changed upon 2masterIT´s sole discretion.

2. The service
2.1. When the customer is assigned a time limited access to the system, a username and personal password is forwarded, and provides online access via the customer´s ISP. The customer is not allowed to share, disclose or transfer the personal password to any other person or institution. If the customer experience or suspect that the security of the personal password has been infringed 2masterIT must immediately be notified of the breach. 2masterIT will subsequently cancel the password and issue a new personal password.

2.2. The customer is responsible for ensuring that all access to the system under the username and personal password is in accordance with this agreement and the customer agree to keep 2masterIT harmless against any costs or expenses resulting from abuse of the subscription in question or any other subscriptions related to the customer´s username and personal password.

2.3. If the customer is a company, public or private institution or organization etc., the user-name and password must be used exclusively by the user granted access to the system.

2.4. It is not permitted to use any information obtained through 2masterIT´s services to any other competing company.

2.5. 2masterIT reserve the right to cancel the personal password and consequently access to the subscription if the customer fails to comply with 2masterIT - General Terms and Conditions of Sale or if 2masterIT, in its sole discretion, deem the client´s behavior to be unacceptable, related to the use of subscription.

2.6. The customer has only a time limited access to the system equal to the agreement period.

3. Warranty
3.1. 2masterIT´s product warranty is limited to the product warranty available from the manufacturer.

3.2. 2masterIT does not warrant that use of access to the system will be free of error or without interruptions or free of virus within the agreement period.

4. Rights
4.1. It is not allowed to use names, logos etc. from 2masterIT´s services and products without written permission from 2masterIT.

4.2. The content of services such as text, data, programs etc. as belonging to 2masterIT is protected under the Copyright Act and other relevant legislation.

4.3. The customer is aware that the supplied goods / services are subject to Copyright Law and any breach thereof may result in civil and criminal penalties.

5. Requirements and maintenance of the system
5.1. It is entirely the customer´s responsibility to take appropriate measures to protect data and acquire and install the necessary hardware and software.

6. Limitation of Liability and compensation
6.1. 2masterIT is only responsible for product damages to the extent that the manufacturer´s liability is not covered under the Product Liability Act and only in cases that cannot be waived by agreement. 2masterIT disclaims product liability on any other basis.

6.2. This limitation of liability also includes errors made by employees or other third men / third party, such as sub-contractors.

6.3. 2masterIT is only liable for direct losses and disclaims any responsibility for indirect losses, operations and profits, loss of data or restoration, loss of goodwill or other similar consequential damage.

6.4. Customer must at their own security measures prevent spread of virus from 2masterIT´s products and 2masterIT is not responsible for any damages that a virus on 2masterIT´s products inflicts the customer´s IT applications.

6.5. 2masterIT´s liability to the customer may in no circumstances exceed an amount equal to the customer´s total payment for the previous 12 months for the specific product / service matter in question, valid from the injury occurred.

7. Infringement of any third party´s right / patent rights
7.1. In case of violation of third party rights 2masterIT will provide the customer the right to continue using the product based on consultation with the manufacturer of the product or cessation by replacing the product or alternatively to reimburse the purchase price paid, less a reasonable amount for use of the product / service. The above confirms in its entirety 2masterIT´s liability for infringement of intellectual property rights.

8. Force Majeure
8.1. 2masterIT is not responsible in cases of force majeure. A situation of force majeure could include fire, acts of war, strikes or other acts of nature, which prevents delivery of the ordered product / service.

9. Right of withdrawal
According to § 17 paragraph 2 of “Act on Certain Consumer Agreements” customer has no right of withdrawal as regards to the following products: services, online services and customized products.

10. Duration and Termination
10.1. The Subscription Agreement enters into force at the customer´s commitment. Immediately thereafter, the customer receives a username and password.

10.2. The subscription runs for the period agreed and shall be automatically extended by the expiry date, unless terminated in writing by at least one month notice before the expire date shown on the invoice.

10.3. Within 2 months before expiration 2masterIT will inform the customer about actual expiration date of subscription.

10.4. The customer is at all times obliged to inform his current e-mail address to 2masterIT.

10.5. If the customer does not meet the payment deadline, 2masterIT reserve the right to close the customer´s access to the agreed products. In case of closure of access to the system, 2masterIT shall maintain the right to claim for the payment not yet fulfilled. Similarly, a subsequent payment of the unpaid invoice will result in reopening of the services - without any additional compensation for the number of days that the access to the system may have been closed.

11. Cancellation
11.1. 2masterIT reserves the right to cancel a delivered order and close the product access(es), if there is misleading information during the ordering process.

12. Product specific terms
12.1. Any application and use of 2masterIT´s online services are subject to the manufacturer´s product and standard conditions. These conditions are considered an integral part of 2masterIT´s General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

13. Payment Terms
13.1. Payment terms: net cash

13.2. Deadline for payment: 8 days from date of invoice.

13.3. Late payment:
For late payment interest is charged from the due date with National Bank´s then-current discount rate.

13.4. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the information provided is correct. Incorrect information about, for example, country of residence, can trigger an additional invoice.

14. Disputes and Arbitration
14.1. Disputes between customer and seller shall be finally settled according to Danish law and otherwise in accordance with "Rules of Procedure of the Danish Institute of Arbitration”, named (Copenhagen Arbitration.

15. Selection of language
15.1. All communications as concerns trade of goods / services must be in Danish or English, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

16. Miscellaneous
16.1 Customer hereby grants its consent to 2masterIT that 2masterIT may contact the customer directly, as well as by telephone and direct e-mail.
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