At a glance:

• What is Books Desktop?

Books Desktop is your online access to originale desktop books. You get instant access to professional desktop literatures from reputable publishers.

You can read the individual desktop book directly on the screen.

The desktop books that are automatically updated are a complete reproduction of the original titles.

• What is included?

You get access to the original content of over a thousand complete and unabridged IT-user supporting books, video spots, documents, code lists, illustrations, tutorials and more in a fully searchable, web-based environment.

The books are published by a large number of the world's leading and respected authors and publishers.

New titles are added automatically - often before they can be found with your book provider.

• How does it work?

You subscribe for 1- or 3-year access respectively. You then have unlimited access to the entire library 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The books can be read on PC and tablet and there is mobile access with apps for both iOS and Android.

• What does it cost?

See the price structure and quantity discount futher down the page under "Get started now".

The amount is per user and covers full access without restrictions during the license period, after which the access expires.

There is no automatic extension.

• Which publishers are behind?

The titles of Books Desktop are a complete rendering of the same titles published through a number of publishers. There are agreements with several leading publishers. Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill, Apress, Sybex, In Easy Steps Limited, Tickling Keys & Mercury Learning are just some of the them.

The content is written by professionals, as opposed to regular web searches with many wrong and misleading information.

Books Desktop

Self-help for your IT questions. Desktop online books with original content from a large number of popular publishers. Always up to date and in a fully searchable environment.

What is Books Desktop??

Books Desktop is "first line" IT user support.

Millions of users worldwide use Books Desktop to find answers to questions about the IT applications they are working with.

Books Desktop is a digital library containing digital versions of original subject matter book titles. With more than 1,680 subject matter book titles from several leading publishers.

Whether you are looking for knowledge within Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Microsoft windows, Social Media, Adobe, Apple, Multimedia, Google apps, Project Management, Web design, Web sites, Accounting, Wireless, Working Remotely etc. - Books Desktop provides correct and appropriate response and ensure that you can get on with your work.

Some of the topics covered by Books Desktop:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign

  • Android

  • Apple

  • AutoCad

  • Blackberry

  • CAD

  • Content Management System (CRM)

  • DOS

  • Google Apps

  • Graphics & Design

  • iOS

  • JavaScript

  • Linux

  • Lotus

  • Mac OS

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office for Mac

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Windows

  • OpenOffice

  • Ubuntu

Recognized publishers

Books Desktop gives you knowledge directly from a wide range of professional professionals. The titles in Books is a complete reproduction of the same titles which is released through a number of publishers.

With Books Desktop you get access to the original content from a large number of the world's leading and respected writers and publishers. There are agreements with a long list of publishers such as Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill, Apress, Sybex, In Easy Steps Limited, Tickling Keys & Mercury Learning.

Award-winning platform

All content is delivered through the award-winning platform, Percipio. Percipio offers a modern and intuitive platform that, using AI, provides users with a unique learning experience.

Percipio can be customized to your design and is available on both PC and mobile platforms.
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Get 12 months online access to Books Desktop including access to e-books from international leading publishers.

Only € 130,- (excl. VAT)
(€ 163,- incl. danish VAT)

The price is per user and covers 12 months unlimited access.

If you sign up for 3 years of access, you get one year for free - that is a 33.3% discount on the total price.

NB NB. We offer special pricing for education and public institutions. Request price here.

Mobile enabled!!

Books Desktop is also available on your mobile or tablet. This guaranty you support access, whether you are sitting in the office, at a customer or at your home office.

Removes the burden from Helpdesk!!

An added advantage of Books Desktop is that the central HelpDesk are relieved. Users are self-reliant at all times of the day and does not have to contact user support.
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"Prior to the start, we studied the market closely, but our choice fell on Books as it provides a cost-effective solution."
Advizor IT
Flemming Knudsen
Partner, Sales and Marketing
"I consider 2masterIT as a more accurate source of facts than a search on the net. You get a quick overview of whether it is interesting to look at or not. I can even sort the courses and jump in and design my own education!"
ACTONA Company A/S
Lars Zielke
IT Coordinator
"Books keyword search across thousands of books is a great help. When I have found a result in one or more books, these can be added to my own virtual bookshelf. Books can be accessed by PC, tablet and smartphone making the solution very flexible."
Keith Jacobsen
Information Architect

Success has many names

Skillsoft Books Desktop has changed its name a few times over the years since its launch in 1990s. The collection is today known as Skillsoft Books Desktop, Books24x7 Desktop, Books24/7 Desktop or just plain Books Desktop - the goal is still to deliver up-to-date, high-quality online textbooks.

Powered by Skillsoft

The content is delivered from Skillsoft. Skillsoft is the world's largest producer of e-resources and has over the years received many awards and accolades - including several times the award for best IT content. 2masterIT has since 2009 been Skillsoft's strategic partner in the Nordic region and Benelux.
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