Bootcamps & Leadercamps

Bootcamps and Leadercamps are a series of interactive streaming events hosted by live instructors. They allow you to take advantage of the wisdom of industry-leading experts and practitioners. Following the live session, a recording is available on-demand for replay.

What is Bootcamps & Leadercamps?

Bootcamps & Leadercamps is a combination of the best elements of traditional and online education, brought right to your desk or laptop over the Internet. - This gives unique benefits you won't get anywhere else.

Bootcamps & Leadercamps is an offer to you who prefer an instructor-led training approach.

Highly experienced experts, with thousands of hours of teaching experience, are supporting every type of learning, including:

  • Classes
  • Mentor and course notes
  • Laboratory simulations
  • Study guides

The optimal combination

Different employees have different needs. But, common to all of them is that they want access to education where and when they need it. With Bootcamps & Leadercamps you get virtual and on-demand training from expert instructors.

As a participant, you get access to invaluable instruction and insight from leading experts. You are taught in virtual classrooms. You will get interaction with both the instructors and the other students combined with flexibility and individual adaptation. You can access previous sessions on demand.

Bootcamps & Leadercamps consists of 3 parts:

Live: Scheduled sessions with expert instructors. Here you can interact with both the instructor and the other students. You are sure to get the help needed.

Encore: Here you can review the recorded sessions.

Self-Paced: Here you have on-demand access to previous Live sessions. This helps with refreshment and consolidation of the learned skills - whenever desired.

Benefits of Bootcamps & Leadercamps

  • Bootcamps & Leadercamps is led by our highly experienced experts who have delivered thousands of hours of instruction.
  • Bootcamps & Leadercamps consists of a wide range of teaching methods including lectures, mentor access, laboratory simulations, study guides and much more.
  • Hands-on labs and simulations.
  • Pre- and post-tests for use to keep up to date with skills and the progress made.
  • Access to specialists who coach and help with specific issues.
  • Wide range of test exams to validate skills and certification readiness.

The above may vary from Bootcamps/Leadercamp to Bootcamps/Leadercamp.

Bootcamps vs. leadercamps

Both camps are interactive Zoom webinars with live instructors, allowing direct interaction through chat, polls, and questions. Managed on Percipio's Live Course Calendar, their distinction lies in content nature.

Leadercamps: Leadercamps, led by thought leaders and Coaches, cover diverse leadership topics in a 60-minute session. The format includes a 5-minute introduction, a 40-45 minute interactive presentation, and a 10-15 minute Q&A, fostering real-world connection and reflection.

Bootcamps: Bootcamps, led by industry experts, equip learners with essential skills for time-sensitive priorities using the latest tech and best practices. Focused on Project Management, Data, Virtual Training, and more, these multi-day sessions vary in frequency and duration, spanning 2 to 8 hours per session to accommodate different schedules.

Availability of Bootcamps & Leadercamps

Bootcamps & Leadercamps is available within:

  • Business Continuity Planning Bootcamps

  • Cloud Services Bootcamps

  • Data Bootcamps

  • IT Ops

  • Project Management Bootcamps

  • Security Bootcamps

  • Software Developer Bootcamps

  • Virtual Training

"For generally raise the knowledge level we have chosen to use e-learning from 2masterIT as a complement to our traditional class courses."
Royal Arctic Line
Henrik Egede Hansen
"In addition to flexibility, I am pleased with the course offerings. I can always find valid knowledge and inspiration within the areas I need. In general it is a good and cost effective way to stay up to date."
Elfac A/S
Henrik Lynnerup
IT Manager
"I am using education from 2masterIT to gain just the skills I need to solve current problems. "
Keith Jacobsen
Information Architect
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