Chapters to Go

Enabling users a number of chapter-level downloads for offline reading or printing.

What is Books Chapters to Go??

Chapters to Go provides chapter-level downloads watermarked with your notes and bookmarks in three different file formats, Adobe® PDF, Kindle-ready mobi, and ePUB, for offline reading or printing.

If your Books subscription includes collections that already offer downloads, they remain unaffected by this option.

About Chapters to Go

  • You are allotted a quota of 15 downloads which are refreshed every 90 days - regardless of whether you have used all or only a portion of them - on the anniversary of your first login.
  • Downloads apply to any chapter and collection where Chapters to Go is enabled. You can distinguish whether a book offers Chapters to Go by a “premium chapters” icon displayed below the copyright date for the title.
  • The price of Chapters to Go is calculated as a percentage of the basic license price.

A word from our customers:


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"Setup went really well and was quickly completed. But, especially on the daily administrative part, I save a lot of time. Our students now have access to all titles at the same time. With our previous system, I had to select the books that should be available each month. Books is a much smoother solution."
Københavns Erhvervs Akademi
Daniel Præsius
Information Specialist
"We now have the optimal integration with our Discovery System. Since Books is indexed in the Primo Central Index combined with SFX, the titles appear together with other resources when we do a search. We can access and read the Books titles directly from our search results – whether we are in the library, at school or at home."
Københavns Erhvervs Akademi
Daniel Præsius
Information Specialist
"It is a very good solution. Today all students and university staff have access from within and outside campus."
Mälardalen University
Tord Heljeberg
Librarian, e-resources

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See our comprehensive offer for libraries and academic institutions that provide full and simultaneous access for all users, students and staff.

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