Chapters to Go

Books Chapters to Go is an option for our library solutions that provide chapter-level downloads for offline reading or printing.

What is Books Chapters to Go??

Chapters to Go provides chapter-level downloads watermarked with your notes and bookmarks in three different file formats, Adobe® PDF, Kindle-ready mobi, and ePUB, for offline reading or printing.

If your Books subscription includes collections that already offer downloads, they remain unaffected by this option.

About Chapters to Go

  • You are allotted a quota of 15 downloads which are refreshed every 90 days - regardless of whether you have used all or only a portion of them - on the anniversary of your first login.
  • Under the chapters To Go Summary the number of the downloads you have used and the remaining number appears, including your update date. If you have previously downloaded a chapter, downloading it again will not count against your download total.
  • Downloads apply where Chapters to Go are enabled. This is illustrated by a download icon.
  • The price of Chapters to Go is calculated as a percentage of the basic license price.

A word from our customers:


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"The choice was easy. Besides our technical requirements were met, the cost was substantial lower than our previous system, though at a reduced but more targeted collection of titles. We entered a three-year agreement and got even further discount. We are in all very well-satisfied."
Aalborg Universitet
Lone Ramy Katberg
License Administrator
"The sub collections we have chosen to subscribe also provide us with titles more exactly targeted at our users than some other more multidisciplinary collections."
Mälardalen University
Tord Heljeberg
Librarian, e-resources
"It is a very good solution. Today all students and university staff have access from within and outside campus."
Mälardalen University
Tord Heljeberg
Librarian, e-resources

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