Are you "robust" or "a robot"?



Personal development

Subject: Personal development
Author: Sanne Hvilsom
Date: 03-06-2016
A recent study by Jobindex, reveals that the word "robust" occurs between 5-9% of job descriptions and are rising. What does this new buzzword mean and how can management ensure that the employee remains robust and doesn’t go down with stress?

There is probably no one who can guarantee to be robust over time. It could require that you have an overview at all time; endurance at all time; a perfect personal life; that your family are healthy and never dies or that you yourself are living a healthy life.

If it's not a robot they are looking for, is it a presumption to work under a good management that has the ability to engage employees. Support where it can and has aligned expectations in relation to work. Furthermore, it requires a good collegial cooperation.

But there is a gap between theory and practice. Probably the most discussed topic in HR departments.

The book: "Measuring the Success of Employee Engagement: A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring Impact and Calculating ROI" written by Jack J. Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips and Rebecca Ray, PhD, 2016, is for both people within HR that are working with development and learning; CIO; organizations; coordinators and consultants involved in implementation of employee engagement in the organization to do. In addition, external consultants and developers benefit greatly from reading it. The book provides evidence that employee engagement makes a big difference and gives satisfaction to all.

Here is a quote of the authors' advice:

"This is achieved by examining not only the why, what, and how of the work, but also where and when the work is done, addressing alternative and flexible work systems and workspace design. When these issues are addressed properly, they can foster a long-lasting, high-performing work team. This chapter explores a variety of issues about employee engagement, how to make it successful, and how to know when it is successful. It also discusses different arrangements for alternative and flexible work systems and how to make them successful—all leading toward a particular set of strategies for these issues…”

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