Why Keith and 400 mill others uses more than just Google



Subject: Personal development
Author: Sanne Hvilsom
Date: 17-08-2016
IT companies use both Google and 2masterIT as a tool to solve everyday challenges on the job. Why?

A sunny summer day we went into the heart of Copenhagen - in the middle of Rådhuspladsen- to talk to Keith Jacobsen, who works in Copenhagen's main social housing company, the FSB. Keith is responsible for data quality in the enterprise. Previously, he worked in a union's IT department for 19 years and has also been an independent IT consultant.

We got a warm welcome and were led through the building's many rooms until he found a room where we could sit undisturbed. After being offered coffee, we started talking. We were curious to hear how Keith uses 2masterIT in his work.

Keith told us he needed to update the relevant systems to ensure quality control and not spend time finding reference books or buy books.

His own portable library
He has used 2masterIT for many years at his previous work. When he started working for the FSB, he asked for authorization to order access to 2masterIT. Here he could very rapidly update their knowledge and solve problems as they arose - It is often him his colleagues go to when they encounter special challenges. For him 2masterIT is his portable library / knowledge center, which he takes with him everywhere.

"It saves time to collect information directly when there is a need for it!"  he says emphatically.

For him it seems practical, since he knows other IT people who have meter-long shelves with books in the workplace, which they almost never look in. To get more views from different authors is of great value to him.

"I always checkout the list of new books I get the mail. Many times, the products are available before the books and then I can keep an eye on if the books are published!"

Google as supplement
What would you do if you didn´t have access to 2masterIT?

"I would google" he says with a twinkle in his eyes. "I do it anyway as a supplement, as I find testimonials and tips from others who had the same issue. On the other hand it is very easy just to find the latest book or recent course at 2masterIT and find just the help that solves the problem. Other times I take directly at the seminar / course directly from the supplier!"

Have you taken any courses at 2masterIT?

"Sure, but the purpose to take courses have not been taking the certificate, but gain the knowledge I need! It is very flexible because I can take the courses when it suits me. If I want to take a course on 2masterIT in a specific topic, I do it often at home, where I can sit in peace and quiet, or I find an empty meeting room. It is important for me to sign me out of the community and the few hours it takes to take the course!"

Lack of courses
What courses at 2masterIT do you miss?

"As the development within IT goes so fast, it's hard to find courses in such. E.g the latest versions of Business Intelligence products, as the different products usually comes before the courses. Therefore I seek information directly from the supplier. I did this regard. Power BI, which Microsoft held!"

"Basically I complement with both 2masterIT, Google and traveling to suppliers, when I have to solve problems at work. I certainly will not do without 2masterIT as part of my tools! "

He smiled and we thanked him for taking the time to talk to us. He followed us back and we went through the office where his 4-5 colleagues were sitting. Two of them were competent women.

Keith Jacobsen is one of the many happy customers who find 2masterIT useful and indispensable in daily life.

"In addition to flexibility, I am pleased with the course offerings. I can always find valid knowledge and inspiration within the areas I need. In general it is a good and cost effective way to stay up to date."
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IT Manager
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