Certification track

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification


This package contains these certification programs:
CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001


  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001: Cloud Fundamentals (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001: Virtualization (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001: Data Center Infrastructure (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001: Cloud Management (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001: Cloud Security (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001: Managing Cloud Systems (Read more)


  • CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Study Guide (Exam CV0-001)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001 In Depth
  • Deploying and Managing a Cloud Infrastructure: Real World Skills for the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification and Beyond: CV0-001
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide: Exam CV0-001
CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002


  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Planning Cloud Deployments (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Planning Cloud Networking (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Planning Cloud Compute Resources (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Planning Cloud Storage Resources (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Planning Cloud Migrations and Extensions (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Security Configurations and Compliance Controls (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Security Technologies and Automation Techniques (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: System Patching and Maintenance (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Disaster Recovery (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Performance Management (Read more)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002: Troubleshooting Deployments (Read more)


  • CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide Exam CV0-002, Second Edition
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Practice Exams (Exam CV0-002)
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Study Guide, Second Edition (Exam CV0-002)

Mentoring Assets

  • Mentoring CV0-002 CompTIA Cloud+ (Read more)
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At 2masterIT, all certification courses are delivered online. Whether you are in the office, at your home or on the move, you have access to the full education material. You can complete your education whenever and where ever you want – in your own speed.

All certifications are delivered in packages with full and unlimited access. Some packages contain a single certification track, while other packages contain more.
What's in the package?
The package includes online access to targeted training material. Using this material, you are prepared for the accredited certification. It is developed in collaboration with the certification manufacturer.

The final exam is not included in the package. To obtain a valid certification, the final exam is required to be held at an approved test center.
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A course is divided into several modules - you decide in which order you take the modules. Some modules contain small video films with scenarios and cases. Each course can be started and ended with a test. Thus, you can easily see your development and understanding of the substance.

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All our courses are delivered with an online access for 12, 24 or 36 months. Each course contains many modules (ex. videos, instructions, books, mentor access, etc.) which you have access to throughout the full period. Mobile access is supported with apps for both iOS and Android. You can be trained in your sofa via your tablet or smartphone.

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You decide when to receive training - you can pause when needed. The system automatically keeps track on how far you have reached, so you can continue where you paused.

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