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What is cookies?
A cookie is a small data file that is saved when you visit our website. It allows us to save or see already saved information on your computer, smartphone, iPad or similar with the intention of gathering data about you as a user.

Cookies store information that can be used for analysis. For example, counting the number of visitors or the geographic location of visitors.

Cookies can to a limited extent gather information that can be attributed to the individual user.

How long time are cookies stored?
Cookies duration may vary. They typically delete themselves after a certain number of months, but each time you visit our website the cookies are renewed.

How 2masterIT uses cookies
Cookies are important for the website to function optimally and that your experience continuously is improved.

We use Google Analytics to analyze how our site is used. The information gathered on usage (traffic data and IP address) is transmitted to and stored on Google┬┤s servers.

Rejecting cookies
Cookies can be rejected by changing your browser settings. It varies from browser to browser how to do this. However, remember that there are many features and services that requires the use of cookies and cannot be used if you are blocking them.

Deleting cookies
You can delete cookies that you previously have accepted. In newer browser cookies are deleted by the keys: CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE

If this does not work the solution is depending on which browser you use. Below you find instructions for different browser types:
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