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• What is Courses Academic?

Courses Academic is a comprehensive collection of training modules.

Courses Academic provides full access to many thousands of courses, Bootcamps, Practice Labs and the like - all online in a fully searchable database.

There is full and simultaneous access for all users to all courses and the collection is automatically updated with new releases.

• What kind of content is included?

Courses Academic contains a large number of online courses within subject-relevant topics.

The courses are divided into different targeted collections, which is why it is possible to tailor the offer to reflect specific wishes.

A resource that keeps your collections up to date in a timely, efficient and accessible way and eases the burden on administrative staff.

See course catalogue below.

• What does it cost ?

The price is based on a specific number of relevant users.

The subscription is signed for 1, 2 or 3 years and provides full and unlimited access during the license period.

We are happy to set up a tailor-made offer, based on your situation.

• How is it installed?

The integration can be done via EZproxy. This ensures flexible access and makes it possible to access the databases easily and anonymously - also outside the library area.

Courses Academic

Thousands of online courses - tailored for academic libraries.

What is Courses Academic??

Courses Academic is a comprehensive collection of training modules. Courses Academic provides full access to many thousands of courses, Bootcamps, Practice Labs and the like - all online in a fully searchable database.

Courses Academic, which covers several languages, is tailored to libraries at educational institutions - via EZ-proxy we can offer Single-Sign-On.

Courses Academic automatically keeps the library's collections updated with new releases. The administrative burden of time-consuming directory selection is thus removed.

Courses Academic delivers high quality courses. The content has been awarded many times by leading industry organizations.

Courses Academic ensures that everyone can find resources at the same time - at any time and anywhere - even students who take a semester abroad.

Courses Academic is a highly valued resource that is very attractive to educational institutions.

Diverse content.

Courses Academic is divided into a number of individual collections and covers, among other things, the following areas.

Find content and course catalog below:

Technology & Development

  • Data Science

  • Machine Learning

  • SysAdmin and DevOps

  • Development

  • Networking

  • Security

  • Project Management

  • Cloud computing

Click here to see course catalog.


  • Business Strategy & Operations

  • Finance, HR & Administration

  • Management & Leadership

  • Professional Effectiveness

  • Project Effectiveness

  • Sales & Customer Facing Skills

Click here to see course catalog.


  • Basic compliance

  • Anti-bribery

  • Anti-money laundering

  • Interest conflict

  • Fraud

  • Antitrust

  • IT security

  • Discrimination

  • Anti-bullying and sexual harassment

  • Ethics and Code of Conduct

  • Behavior on social media

  • Insider Trading

Click here to see course catalog.

Environmental Safety and Health

  • Workplace Health and Safety

  • Cal/OSHA Workplace Health and Safety

  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

  • Environmental

  • Transportation - Safe Driving

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety

  • Hazardous Materials Transportation

  • Dangerous Goods Shipment by Sea

  • Global Safety

Click here to see course catalog.

Content differentiation

Video courses from experts in the field appear in your browser.

  • Topical breadth and depth
  • Certification aligned content
  • Micro-learning approach with complementary macro assets – multiple content formats
  • Multimodality approach
  • Access to world-class experts for expert insights courses to supplement foundation course content

Unlimited access

Courses Academic include unlimited access to content. Content is accessible through these modalities - depending on the selected collections.


Learn with expert-driven video-courses. Bringing insights from real-world gurus. All in a micro-learning environment for agile learning.

Test Preps

Help learners prepare for certification exams. Coverage for 100+ Certification exams.

Live Mentoring

Live chat or e-mail with highly certified mentors. Covering the industry's most popular professional certifications.


A virtual environment where you can learn, code, and validate in real time. Use the built-in environment to test your own codes.


Bootcamp is a combination of the best elements of traditional and online education, brought right to your desk or laptop over the Internet.

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Licensing Model.

Courses Academic is licensed on the basis of a specific number of relevant users.

All modules can be accessed indefinitely and simultaneously by users.

Single Sign On: As long as users are logged in to your library system, the courses can be accessed online without further login.

These models are only available to libraries and educational institutions.

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"The sub collections we have chosen to subscribe also provide us with titles more exactly targeted at our users than some other more multidisciplinary collections."
Mälardalen University
Tord Heljeberg
Librarian, e-resources
"The choice was easy. Books is the right solution – both technical and economical."
Ålborg Universitet
Lone Ramy Katberg
License Administrator
"It is a very good solution. Today all students and university staff have access from within and outside campus."
Mälardalen University
Tord Heljeberg
Librarian, e-resources
Trial access.
We are happy to provide free of charge trial access for Libraries/academic institutions for a period of 30 days.

Required information to set up the trials:

  • EZproxy URL for the library.
  • Collections to include in the trial.
  • Target start date of trial.
  • Technical contact.
  • Library contact.

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail, if you want a trial access.
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