Important Title Change

Digital Skills is now Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Digital Skills is now Productivity and Collaboration Tools

On April 28, 2018, our Digital Skills collection will have a new name. After reviewing trending topics, usage, and market perceptions, we are changing the name of the Digital Skills collection to Productivity and Collaboration Tools.

Why change? We understand that the changing nature of work in the digital economy means that more and more employees are required to have a higher level of digital literacy in order to execute their jobs. Technology tools that most workers use everyday fall into the categories of productivity and collaboration, and so we think this label is more apt, and more descriptive of the content and courses offered in this critical channel.

How will this impact my learning platform experience? The change is in name only. Your learners will still be able to access all the great courses, content, books and resources available within this channel. There should be no disruption to the learning experience.

Please reach out if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.
"I have had access to 2masterIT over the last several years. I am using it daily for problem solving. The information and inspiration I get, have a significantly higher quality than what is found with general web searches."
Henrik Dalhof Jensen
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