Online business training with thousands of educational and certification opportunities.

BusinessPro gives you access for more than 1,000 educational modules spread over 215 topics. A total of thousands of instruction hours, also supporting 14 certification tracks.

BusinessPro is targeted for you who wants a diverse and flexible training system.

You have online access for 1 or 3 years.

  • Broad and diverse content

  • High flexibility

  • Competitive price

  • Always new courses

  • Assistance always available

  • Personalized training program

  • Training when / where needed

  • Unlimited access to content


Always updated knowledge

Skillchoice are automatically updated with the latest courses and subjects. You always have access to new and updated knowledge and taining.

Specific content

Skillchoice BusinessPro includes comprehensive training in specific subject areas: Business strategy and operations, Finance, Human Resource and Administration, Management and Leadership, Professional effectiveness, Project effectiveness  together with Sales and customer facing skills.

Competitive prices

Online training from 2masterIT is the optimal utilization of your training budget. You get access to targeted training ensure that you always are updated with the latest knowledge.

Great flexibility

With access to online training from 2masterIT, you experience an enormous flexibility. You can study where and when you want - 24 hours a day. You can freely choose between all the individual modules, and repeat, if needed.

Personal training plan

You can plan your own path through the course and define your own deadlines. After that Skillchoice remind you of deadlines to ensure that you follow your plan and complet on time.

Personalized training

Using the built-in test systems, you can test your own knowledge, and decide whether you need to complete the entire line of courses or you can jump directly to the expert level. Likewise, you can attend the same course several times if necessary.

Online expert access

You are never alone. On many of the certification tracks you have 24x7 e-mail access to highly certified experts and in business hours (EST) the chat support with the experts is open.

Certification preparation

Do you want training for a specific certification, Skillchoice can help you. Skillchoice contains a large number of leading certification programs.

Test preparation

The system includes a simulation of the final certification. You can test your skills before you spend time and money on the individual certifications.

Multiple platform

The system is available on PC, tablet and mobile. You can easily sit on the couch with your tablet and be taught in quiet surroundings.
"For generally raise the knowledge level we have chosen to use e-learning from 2masterIT as a complement to our traditional class courses."
Royal Arctic Line
Henrik Egede Hansen
12 months full access: € 2,395.- excl. VAT per user.
When signing up for 36 months access a discount of 33 % will be deducted.
Additional discount will be granted when signing up for multiple users.
Want to try it out ?? You can sign up for an 7 days free trial access.
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