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What Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos??
Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos is an online IT library with access to all the interesting and inspiring IT books and video spots.

With access to Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos you get access to more than 15,000 full, unabridged and professional IT books along with more than 33,000 solution focused video spots.

You are sure to get the right help and inspiration to the job you are working on right now.
Some of the topics covered by Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos:
  • Business and Culture
  • Business Skills for IT Professionals
  • Certification and Compliance
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Computer Science
  • Data and Databases
  • Databases
  • Desktop & Office Applications
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Graphic Design & Multimedia
  • Hardware
  • IBM Technologies
  • Internet & Web Development
  • Networks and Telecommunications
  • Networks & Protocols
  • Oracle Technologies
  • Operating Systems and Servers
  • Programming Languages
  • Project Management
  • ReferencePoint Suites
  • Security
  • Software Design and Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development and Graphic Design
Get access now!
Get 12 months online access to Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos including access to more than 16.400 books from more than 210 leading publishers and more than 47.300 video spots:

only € 675,- (excl. VAT)
(€ 844,- incl. danish VAT)

The price is per user and covers 12 months unlimited access. If you order 36 months of access, you get 33% discount on the total price.

Free text search.
The central part of Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos is the unique and award-winning search function. With this you can do free text searches and find exactly the books and videos you are looking for. A search is done across more than 15,000 books and 33,000 video spots - you are presented with exactly the books and videos that are relevant to your problem. You can now choose to read books, watch videos or search deeper and more specific in to the titles found.


Always up to date

Books24x7 is automatically updated with the latest titles. Because of this the latest knowledge is included in the search results. New titles are often available in Books24x7 before you can find them on the shelves of our book supplier.

Full and adequate answers

Spread over the different subjects Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos contains more than 15,000 books from more than 200 renowned publishers combined with more than 33,000 video spots. This secures that you always get answers to the questions you have in your daily life.

Optimized searches

The award-winning search engine in Books24x7 makes it fast and easy to find the right answers. You can make specific or limited searches and you can search deeper into an already found title list.

Full content available

In Books24x7 all the content are reproduced. You have access to text, code lists, illustrations and much more. If a CD is included with the original book, the content of this is also available in Books24x7.

Quality performance

All content in Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos are written by IT professionals. Compared to normal0 web searches, you are sure to get high quality inspiration and you do not have to go through a myriad of links without relevant content.

Use your time optimally!!

An analysis done by BusinessWeek documents that we professionals used up to 25 hours per week on information retrieval and research. Access to Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos unique search function and concise and right content ensure that you can save up to 25% of your time.
"I consider 2masterIT as a more accurate source of facts than a search on the net. You get a quick overview of whether it is interesting to look at or not. I can even sort the courses and jump in and design my own education!"
ACTONA Company A/S
Lars Zielke
IT Koordinator
Always in your pocket.
With Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos you can have all your IT knowledge with you on the go. Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos are available on PC, tablet and smartphone. No matter where you are, you can access your favorite books and get inspiration for the job on hand.
Always up to date.
With access to Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos you are sure to always have the latest information at your fingertips. With new titles and videos constantly being added to the collections Books24x7 ITpro & IT videos are always up to date.
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