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Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Get ahead with a certification in digital marketing!
Whether you are already engaged in marketing or you want to step up your career in this area, our diploma in digital marketing is a good step moving forward.

Diploma in Digital Marketing is the cornerstone of our diploma courses in marketing. This program gives you a solid understanding of the individual specialist areas - from mobile and social media to email, PPC and SEO marketing. Our diploma, that is globally recognized, can you benefit from regardless of where your career takes you.

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What will you learn?
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Focus: Benefit from Digital Marketing as the main element of your marketing strategy.

You will have a solid introduction to the central concepts in digital marketing and learn how these differs from traditionally marketing. You will also learn how the two concepts can complement one and other.

You will be introduced to the Digital Marketing Institute methodology: a process that describes how you can run, measure and improve important key marketing elements.
Search Engine Optimization
You will learn the central terms and terminology and gain the technical skills insights needed to create and maintain an effective SEO strategy.

You will be introduced to several specialized tools, on-site and off-site optimization techniques, including keyword research and link creation tactics, all focusing on generating website traffic and conversions.

Also, you will learn to monitor and control your SEO-strategy using relevant measuring – this will raise the website performance and gain conversions.
Pay Per Click Advertising
This module will show you how to manage and improve you Pay Per Click campaigns and through this increase the awareness of your brand.

Through the module you will gain a fundamental understanding of search marketing with PPC marketing, what it takes to build and maintain a solid AdWords campaign.

You will learn to define keywords, fine tune your audience and create compelling ad copies.

The module also covers how to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns using platforms like AdWords or Analytics.
Digital Display Marketing
Through this module you will gain the skills and the knowledge you need when creating, implementing and managing an effective Display ad campaign.

You will learn to effectively build and run display ads, and you will build an understanding of the display formats available together with their relevance for specific audiences.

The module will prepare you for examining a wide range of display ad partners to optimize your campaign.

You will be able to set clear campaign targets and track results through a variety of metrics that support your business goals.
Social Media Marketing
In this module, you will learn how to effectively recruit customers across a variety of platforms. You will also be able to assess the yield of the various platforms for use in achieving your goals and objectives.

You learn how you through paid advertising across social media can build and maintain customer relationships.

Through the modules you will learn how to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for social medias in your business – covering all from social listening to campaign measurement.

The module also covers protection of privacy and data protection in social media marketing.
Email Marketing
In this module, you learn how to design, create and implement an email marketing campaign, that will increase both customer engagement and sales.

You will learn to write selling copy, do split-test of both design and campaigns to optimize both open and click through rates.

You will be introduced to segmentation and learn how to build specific audience groups and how to target these with relevant and compelling marketing emails.

You will also get an understanding of SPAM and data protection, to make sure that you comply with these strict guidelines and rules.
Mobile Marketing
This module focusing on the potential in the mobile platform, introducing you to the increasingly number of mobile users.

You will gain technical knowledge and skills to prepare and maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy.

You will learn to do an effective SMS campaign and get an understanding of the central mobile areas like NFC, app development and Bluetooth.

In the module, you will learn how to optimize your website to secure and maximize mobile conversions.

You will learn how to integrate you mobile marketing with innovative social medias and measure its effectiveness by using advance analytics.
You will learn how to effectively monitor and optimize your digital strategy daily. You will get insight in central analytics platforms that pinpoint areas for improvements in your digital marketing strategy.

You will also learn how to set up tracking across your website and set the goals, that provides the overview you need for optimizing conversions.

Through the module you will learn to schedule and set up customized reports and get familiar with the real-time facility and standard reports build into Google Analytics.

You will learn how to determine the effectiveness of your websites technical ability and how to use this when achieving your business goals.
Strategy and Planning
This module takes you through a structured approach that combines all the disciplines of digital marketing and ultimately presents a comprehensive and coherent digital marketing plan.

You will learn to set up coherent analytic platform and practice in defining audiences and goals you can benchmark for achieving success with your digital marketing activities.

You will learn how to determine budgets, allocate resources and select the right channels to reach you target audience.

You will learn to build a digital marketing plan that will gives you a successful and effective strategy that delivers conversions and sales.
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Study Time: 30 hrs
Assessment: 3 hr Multiple Choice Exam
Resources: Video lectures, Slides, Practical Exercises
Delivery: Online
Language: English.

only € 1.950,- (excl. VAT)
(€ 2.438,- incl. danish VAT)

The price is per user and covers 6 months unlimited access.

Amount  /6 months
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Global standard

The material is being used in more than 70 countries around the world - it has formed the basis for the training of more candidates than any other certification body.

Flexible study form

Whether you study from home or with a tablet on the way to work, you have access 24 hours a day to video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, quizzes and a helping study. You will never be late for lessons.

Internationally recognized

Diploma in Digital Marketing is the global certification standard in Digital Marketing. The program has trained more candidates than any other certification body within digital marketing.

Designed by experts

The diploma program is based on the world´s leading experts in digital brands and agencies. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have participated in the development of this course that will develop your digital career.
"I am using education from 2masterIT to gain just the skills I need to solve current problems. "
Keith Jacobsen
Questions & Answers.
Who can participate?
Anyone can take a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. It is not required to have a background in the field. The goal of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is that you learn everything you need to know at a basic level. With this course, you can jumpstart your digital career. You can have a background as an independent business owner, traditional or digital marketer, recent graduate, or simply you want to change career. The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in digital marketing and want to develop your career.
Do I need to be IT savvy?
No, this is not a programming course, and you will not learn any coding. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing focuses on the commercial side of online marketing.
Is the certification recognized?
Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification agency for our Digital Marketing education.

The certification has been assessed by the SQA to Level 8 of "Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework" (SCQF). SCQF level 8 corresponds to level 5 on "European Qualifications Framework" (EQF).
How do I become certified?
Upon completion of Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, you can conduct a three-hour exam. This is done as a computer-based test in one of Pearson VUE's global network of test centers. The exam consists of a series of interactive questions, including Multiple Choice, True or False and Hotspots.

The fee for the exam is included in the price. In case you do not pass the exam and have to sign up again, there will be a fee of around € 60, to be paid directly to Pearson, when you book your exam.
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