What Books24x7 AnalystPerspective??
Books24x7 AnalystPerspective is a collection of thousands of reports from various research agencies.

The many reports are dedicated for organizations / companies that use industry analyzes in their work, for example, for making decisions.

In addition to the reports, Books24x7 AnalystPerspective provides presentations, a weekly newsletter, events, and Premium reports from leading research agencies.
Some of the topics covered by Books24x7 AnalystPerspective:
  • Application & Web Development Enterprise Applications
  • Application Integration & Middleware
  • Hardware, Storage & Servers
  • Online Media
  • IT Markets & Services
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Social Media & Web
  • Telecommunications Vendors & Service Providers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data & Big Data
  • IT Mgt, Human Resources & Outsourcing
  • Learning & Development
  • Security, Privacy, Disaster / Continuity & Governance / Compliance
  • Desktop, End-User Support & Operating Systems
  • Email, Messaging, Networking
  • Mobile
Get access now!!
Get 12 months online access to Books24x7 AnalystPerspective including access to more than 4,700 industry reports:

Only € 595,-

If you sign up for a 36 months access you get 33% discount on the total price.

Easy and flexible access
Books24x7 AnalystPerspective is fully free-text searchable and all content can be read online. All Books24x7 AnalystPerspective Consensus reports and selected Premium reports can be saved as a PDF file, printed or viewed offline.

With Books24x7 AnalystPerspective you always have access to the latest knowledge from renowned research agencies - even if you are offline.


Continuous updating

Books24x7 AnalystPerspective is constantly being expanded with new analyzes and reports. You always have access to the latest findings when searching. You always have access to valid data and answers to the questions you are working with.

Benefit your time

Business Week concluded in a study that professionals spend up to 12 hours a week on information research. The award-winning search function along with the reliable sources save time when using Books24x7 compared to traditional Internet searches.

Optimized searches

Using the built-in search engine, you can make free text search across all reports and analyzes. You simply get a relevant report list presented, you can read the reports online and immediately get on with your job.

Available on mobile

Books24x7 AnalystPerspective is available on PC, tablet and mobile. You have access to analyzes and reports in your office, on the train, on the plane or at home on the couch with your tablet in quiet surroundings.
"Books24x7 keyword search across thousands of books is a great help. When I have found a result in one or more books, these can be added to my own virtual bookshelf. Books24x7 can be accessed by PC, tablet and smartphone making the solution very flexible. "
Keith Jacobsen
Weekly newsletter!!
Users of Books24x7 AnalystPerspective receive weekly an exclusive newsletter containing links to hundreds of free articles and analyzes from leading analysts. You get the latest analyzes served on a silver platter - without even spending time on web searches.
Invaluable help in everyday life.
Books24x7 AnalystPerspective help decision makers at all levels to make decisions at the right base and keep abreast of the most important trends.

Books24x7 AnalystPerspective brings together thousands of reports, analyzes and forecasts on key trends, infrastructure, software, devices, services, business models and emerging technologies.
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