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Become better at foreign languages and strengthen your position.

Choose between multiple languages!
goFluent eLearning
Based on the individual's personal language skills, goFluent eLearning aim to build vocabulary and provide grammar understanding. goFluent eLearning has more than 5,000 online business-relevant training modules - available anytime and anywhere. We make it possible to effectively use a foreign language as a business language.
goFluent Live Lessons
goFluent Live Lessons are personalized language speaking lessons over the phone. Live Lessons are available anywhere and anytime, making you and your colleagues confident in speaking a foreign language. Our speaking instructors will help you to speak and communicate in your chosen language.
goFluent eWriting
goFluent eWriting is the product for training your writing communication skills in a foreign language. The training is done with extensive feedback from our instructors and ensures that you and your staff learns to write clearly and eloquently business letters and mails in a foreign language.
goFluent Leadership Suite
You and your employees can raise your Business language skills through goFluent Leadership Suite. Our exclusive eLearning course covers topics ranging from leadership development, strategic thinking, productivity and more.


Business relevant content

The content comes from various business- and news suppliers. This ensures relevance and applicability in a busy business life.

Fully personalized

The courses are based on the individualĀ“s wishes and needs. This ensures maximum engagement, development and productivity.

Measurable results

User-friendly and flexible reporting that shows progress, attendance, satisfaction and much more.

Integrable portal

The portal can be customized with your company logo and your content, as well as integrated into your other systems and platforms.
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