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Become confident with written communication in a foreign language.

What is goFluent eWriting ?
goFluent eWriting is the key tool when you need to learn to communicate in writing in a foreign language. goFluent eWriting focuses on the growing demand by organizations to improve their employees' written language skills. GoFluent eWriting allows you to practice and improve your written language skills through feedback and recommendations from our instructors.

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What is in the package ?
Practice and exercises
goFluent eWriting contains a large amount of exercises and assignments - more than 5,000 different resources. All resources are built up in order to exercise your skills when writing in a foreign language. There is free access to all resources.
Personal feedback
When submitting a written assignment, you will within 48 hours receive a detailed feedback from our instructors. This feedback will include an overall view of the assignment, a list of corrections and recommendations for further exercises and practice.
Personal recommendations
Based on your personal level and needs, there will be set up a training plan, with suggested resources that are adapted to your situation. The personal plan includes training of grammatical rules, building vocabulary and other relevant resources.
Assignment history
You can always access your submitted assignments. eWriting contains a complete list of all your submitted assignments - including status and feedback.


Challenging assignments

Throughout the program participants will be challenged to translate complex ideas into captivating presentations, proposals, reports and the like.

Language perfection

In order to write correct letters and documents in foreign languages, your skills are trained in business communication.

Increased efficiency

Properly written English communication raises efficiency and strengthens your profile towards customers, partners and the like.

Proven methodology

The course is designed to both challenge and entertain participants with specific and realistic objectives - defined by both participants and instructors.
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Raise the skills
Strengthen your ability to express your thoughts clearly and eloquently when writing in a foreign language - an increasingly important form of communication and documentation.
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