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Comprehensive training and problem solving anywhere / any time

IT Professional
Targeted IT training within IT operations, Cloud & Virtualization, Cybersecurity, Database & Big Data, Software Development, IT Networking and SysAdmin & DevOps.
Virtual Coding Practice Labs
With CodeX labs, you get a virtual environment where you can learn, code and validate in real time - you'll be guided with built-in instructional modules. You can also use the built-in environment to test your own codes - without risk to your servers or data.
Personal development
Skillchoice BusinessPro provides access to thousands of educational materials such as online courses and specialist books. Skillchoice BusinessPro also includes a number of certification programs, our Business Impact series and our Challenge Series.
Leadership development
Our management training builds your management skills with focus on 3 areas: your business, your team and yourself. The 41 targeted online courses develop your core competencies in both personal training and leadership training.
Legal Compliance
Companies that fully have integrated compliance management in their business systems works better - reputation and branding are improved. This results in better employee-recruitment, -retention and -efficiency.
Digital marketing
Our certification programs in Digital Marketing is targeted to you, whether you are new to the field or have been working with it for a period of time. We offer both general and specialized courses.
Language training
goFluent is an in-depth online language training program that focuses on building vocabulary, creating grammar comprehension as well as competencies of oral and written use of the language based on the participant's level.

"As part of a major educational program, we at Advizor have given our IT consultants access to online training. With the built-in tools, we can keep track of progress for the individual and offer help if needed."
Advizor IT
Flemming Knudsen
Partner, Salgs- og Marketingansvarlig
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