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only € 530,- (excl. VAT)
(€ 663,- incl. danish VAT)

The price is per user and covers 12 months unlimited access. If you order 36 months of access, you get 33% discount on the total price.

Amount  /
Price variants (price per licens)
12 months
   1 ⇒ 2 users   530,-   € excl. VAT
   3 ⇒ 4 users   504,-   € excl. VAT
   5 ⇒ 9 users   477,-   € excl. VAT
   10 ⇒ 14 users   461,-   € excl. VAT
   15 ⇒ 19 users   451,-   € excl. VAT
   20 ⇒ x brugere    
36 months
   1 ⇒ 2 users   1.060,-   € excl. VAT
   3 ⇒ 4 users   1.007,-   € excl. VAT
   5 ⇒ 9 users   954,-   € excl. VAT
   10 ⇒ 14 users   922,-   € excl. VAT
   15 ⇒ 19 users   901,-   € excl. VAT
   20 ⇒ x brugere    
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Why Online Training?

Skillsoft Aspire provides you and your staff with relevant and personally targeted training when and where required. Do not wait for scheduled courses or spend unnecessary time on transport.


With Skillsoft Aspire you get a very flexible learning platform. Each employee has access to exactly the training needed at the right time and place. An invaluable help in daily life.

Always available

Skillsoft Aspire is always at your fingertips. The only necessity is access to the Internet. Learning can be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone - anytime, anywhere.

Save time and money

With Skillsoft Aspire you do not have to wait for scheduled courses, transport employees around for seminars or spend several days on a course - you get precise and targeted training when and where it is required.
"With 2masterIT I can attend the course when it fits me; I can run from the platforms that I work with at home and at work and I can document the progress and results."
Keith Jacobsen
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