Quick Start With Effective OnBoarding.

Great benefits using OnBoarding

There are huge benefits then new or redeployed employees are quickly lifted into their upcoming tasks. An effective way to do this is through our OnBoarding concept. In close cooperation with you, we develop one or more online modules that quickly and efficiently convey the knowledge an employee needs in order to contest his new work.

The OnBoarding modules can cover many different areas such as: history of the company, organization, goals, security policies, values and way of thinking, but also procedures, workflows, systems or what's important to get started.

OnBoarding is completely tailored to your needs.

Defined process

2masterIT have been working with online training for many years and have built up a great experience in communicating messages. In our work with OnBoarding, we use this knowledge and experience combined with a solid framework for the process. This ensures that we reach the expected result within the agreed deadlines and of course with the expected quality.

Full right of usage

The OnBoarding modules are being developed for you - you have the full right of use on the completed modules. This ensures that you can use the modules where, when and just as much as you want - without extra cost.
"With 2masterIT I can attend the course when it fits me; I can run from the platforms that I work with at home and at work and I can document the progress and results."
Keith Jacobsen
Information Architect
"As part of a major educational program, we at Advizor have given our IT consultants access to online training. With the built-in tools, we can keep track of progress for the individual and offer help if needed."
Advizor IT
Flemming Knudsen
Partner, Sales and Marketing
"Prior to the start, we studied the market closely, but our choice fell on 2masterIT as e-learning provides a cost-effective solution."
Advizor IT
Flemming Knudsen
Partner, Sales and Marketing
Development of OnBoarding modules is of course a very individual process. Contact us and we will prepare a proposal based on the requirements and wishes you have for content and dissemination.

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